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:: this is an exclusive page for "geopark of qeshm island" created by prmn.com administrator and is not the official home-page of qeshm global geopark. pd is the consultant engineer company for providing master plan and development plan of qeshm global geopark.


In a quick review, Geopark is a concept of implementing of interactive scientific, social and cultural programs to engage "all" stockholders in a sensitive geological / environmental area. Geoparks are especial parts of the world that work for interpretation, promotion and protecting the geological heritage as well as culture.

Global Geoparks Network -the bureau under supports of Earth Science division of UNESCO, helps members of the network by advising and networking. Members of the network revalidates each four year by the bureau.
Qeshm Island Global Geopark is a member of GGN since the first day of the Spring, 2006, the day of new year (Norooz) for the regions by Persian culture.

Qeshm is an interesting island located in the middle of Hormuz strait in Persian Gulf. This island is a "free zone" that means free of visa, tax and more facilities for investors. Its area is ~1500 Sq.Kilometers and have ~100'000 population. The best time for visiting island is between the ends of September and middles of March. It is not recommended to visit the island second mid of March as it is horiblly crowded by more than 1.5 million of domestic tourists who are enjoying their new-year holidays. Qeshm is also a special destination for ecotourists during the year.

Piramoon Designers Company according to its Environmental intentions and experiences has involved in process of forming and launching of Qeshm Global Geopark since 2003 by the invitation of Environmental Management of Qeshm Free Area Organization.

We have made management plan for Qeshm Global Geopark that also contains a Zoning Plan, a Land-use Plan and an Action Plan that are the basis of geopark development. As well we produced many other documents like the Codes, Expanding Limits, Constructional Drawings, Monuments Designing and so on.

QFA the authority of the island on behalf of the government of Islamic Republic of Iran, established this Geopark in the most virgin parts of the island in 2005 and applied for membership in the network.

Geopark of Qeshm have many friends that like to participate in the geopark programs and events. You can refer to the page of group of "qeshm geopark" in facebook for example.

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G7: Namakdan
One entrance of salt cave.

>For more information about travel facilities, tour agencies, laws, costs, sub-destinations, markets, scientific materials and cooperations etc, please contact Dep. of Tourism of QFA via:

Qeshm Global Geopark Office,
Department  of Tourism of Qeshm Free Area organization,
Qeshm, Hormuzgan Province

qeshm.ir (in Persian, Arabic and English)
+98 763 524 2263 (FAX)
+98 763 524 2262 (TEL)
G6: ChahKuh
Chah-Kuh, a fantastic valley

G1: Visitors Centre
G1: the first visitors' centre of Qeshm Geopark.
Architect:   Maziar Qaseminejad
Structure:  Ehsan Rahili
Modeling:  Farhad Khandan
HVAC:       Mohsen Qaseminejad
Electrical:  Farhad Foroughi
Estimator: Ali Andaji